A Profile of an artist

Cesar Magpuri’s fondest dream of becoming a professional artist was first actualized when he graduated with a degree of Bachelor in Fine Arts from San Diego State University in his middle-age. What took him so long? As a teen-ager, he could not imagine any other path for him but the artist’s trail. He started off sketching occasionally for his cartoonist friend in his hometown of General Trias, Cavite, Philippines. His other passion is music. He had played trombone with a local concert band that performed usually in town fiestas and weddings. The trombone was passed on to him by his father, Pedro Magpuri, also a former musician. Cesar had also been an avid moviegoer with an eye for being a film maker someday.

But his parents could not afford to send him to college and there was no job for him to self-support. To help in providing for his younger brothers and sisters he entered the US Navy which at that time recruited Filipinos. Then, he got married at the age of 27 to a very lovely town mate, Virginia de Los Reyes, the love of his life, to whom he was in love at first sight and has remained so even several years after her tragic death due to breast cancer. They have two very successful sons, Jaime, a businessman and Cecil, an architect with a flair for creative and innovative entertainment designs engaging high profile clients worldwide. As a devoted father, he tried to inculcate and share with his sons his catholic beliefs. The sons have kept close contact with the father.

 The better part of Cesar’s stay in the US Navy was his being with the Navy Band after his training at the US Naval School of Music. He has always engaged himself in bands and being a band leader himself, he organized the Harmony Band that has entertained people around San Diego and Los Angeles for many years. He whistles tunes, sings with a baritone voice, and dances the Cha-Cha. With his wife gone, immersing himself in art has afforded Cesar solace. He plays the piano and has composed songs dedicated to his wife, his beloved mother, and grandchildren. He ventured into film making and created “Larawan ng Pag-ibig” (Portrait of Love) which has overtones of his own love life. He used to play his trombone with the Good Shepherd Church choir.

            As an artist, Cesar has chosen acrylic as the medium. He paints with zest and has produced hundreds of paintings that reflect the influence of Matisse and Picasso. He has participated in various art exhibits and won awards for his paintings in art shows sponsored by the Clairemont Art Guild. Through the years, his own style of painting has evolved. He is a colorist using untraditional but pleasing combination of colors to make forms and lines as his unique interpretation of reality.

As a San Diegan, Mr. Magpuri is a contributor of “Fun Time” to Philippines & Asian Report newspaper. He has volunteered as an art teacher of many children and adults in the Boys and Girls Club of America, Unified School District, Kroc Center, etc. He is still a part-time art teacher of disabled children coming to Epicenter under  Harmonium Inc., a non-profit organization. He would not hesitate to donate food and materials needed for the classes to make his students happy. Undoubtedly, he is a charismatic and dedicated teacher who is well-loved by his students and colleagues.

At the present time, Cesar Magpuri is still on the go. He loves food and he is almost a connoisseur of cuisine from different ethnic groups that keeps his MD on his toes. He is now inclined to watch foreign movies more than Hollywood. He goes to operas and symphonies he likes. He walks daily for his exercise and plays golf once in a while. He plays the piano ardently, blows his trombone with his band, and paints with gusto. Generous and compassionate at heart he would sell his paintings in auctions to support worthy causes such as fund raising for the poor. He keeps in touch with his nuclear family closely and maintains a wide circle of friends.